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HROTD: Milo Trabulsy, 2021 A/M, Hotchkiss School (CT)

It’s officially HROTD (Highlight Reel of the Day) szn here at QuickStick and if you’re new to the site, this is our feature where we spotlight uncommitted high school lacrosse recruits.

To kick things off, we’re spotlighting Milo Trabusly an offensive player from the Hotchkiss School (CT). Milo is primarily an attackman but is very much capable of running mid out of the box. A right handed player, Milo likes to initiate from the wing and often looks to gain topside on his defender. Milo is also lethal from the spot when given time & room and his ability to adjust off-ball and catch his defender sleeping shows his understanding of the game.

Trabulsy is shaping out to be your modern day offensive player with fantastic stick skills from his strong right hand but is very comfortable using his left. Mix that in with his speed & strength when dodging and you have a complete offensive talent. I mean just look at the 1:00 min mark, that hitch, to face dodge, to around the world finish is otherworldly. Just so nasty.

Milo plays his club lacrosse for Vermont based 802 Lacrosse and prior to enrolling at Hotchkiss, he tore up the Green Mountain State at Burlington High School.

Contact Information:

  • Milo Trabulsy
    • mtrabulsy21@hotchkiss.org
    • (802) 557-2861
  • Club Coach: Reyn Garnett
    • Reynolds.Garnett@gmail.com
    • (914) 400-42900
  • High School Coach: Andrew D’Ambrosio
    • adambrosio@hotchkiss.org
    • (703) 209-5001

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