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HROTD: Tim Evnin, 2022 A, St. George’s School (RI)

Insert Chris Berman “WHOOP!”

That’s pretty much what you say in your head each time you see this kid dust a defender. Today’s HROTD spotlight is Tim Evnin, a 2022 attackman from St. George’s School in Newport, RI. For myself, writing this feature is even more sweet as I graduated from St. George’s back in 2013 and I love seeing talent like this on the Hilltop. Aight, back to the actual purpose of this piece.

Evnin put on an absolute clinic this summer earning Offensive MVP at the Apex 60 Summer Finale Showcase. His first step is borderline obnoxious and he attacks his defender with the mindset of “I’m going to roast you rn and there’s nothing you can do about it.” A true jitterbug, Evnin’s offensive skillset is very well rounded. Quick to draw a slide, he’s able to evade contact and get to the rack or wisely move the ball to the open man. He’s a deft finisher up close and has great awareness around GLE. From an athleticism standpoint he just looks straight up faster than anyone trying to guard him.

Tim plays his club ball for nationally established Express North, is sure to lead the Dragons and will be a marquee name in the ISL for seasons to come.

Contact Information:

  • Tim Evnin
    • (914) 327-5942
    • timothyevnin@gmail.com
  • Daniel Leidl (St. George’s)
    • (516) 297-2466
    • daniel_leidl@stgeorges.edu
  • Rich Reda (Express North)
    • (914) 414-9086
    • richreda@yahoo.com

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