2020 QuickStick MCLA All-Name Team

Well we sadly didn’t get to have a 2020 MCLA DI Tournament but even with a pandemic getting in the way, that doesn’t mean we can’t be out here honoring club lax players across the nation.

We took a year off from this installment but we’re back with a vengeance.

For those new to the program, inspired by our God Parents over at Inside Lacrosse, we decided to create the MCLA All-Name Team.

The Inside Lacrosse All-Name Team only consists of athletes who play NCAA lacrosse. It’s been a viral sensation but unfortunately, they’ve missed out on a plethora of great lacrosse players and even better names in the MCLA.

So without further adieu, here is your 2020 QuickStick MCLA All-Name Team.

The 2020 QuickStick MCLA All-Name Teams consist of players only from MCLA DI. Sorry DII, that would have taken way too much time. There will be 4 Attackmen, 4 Midfielders, 1 FOGO, 1 Longstick Midfielder, 4 Defensemen and 2 Goalies on each team. Why so many players? Any good team needs depth.

Let’s get it on!

First Team:

  • A – Briggs Standing (Alabama)
  • A – Grayson Goodyear (Grand Canyon)
  • A – Spence Bodenhamer (Kansas)
  • A – Kenny Van Spankeren (Texas)
  • M – Tlaloc Orozco-Cohen (Arizona State)
  • M – Nicolo Piccolotti (Colorado State)
  • M – Brauly Sinclair (Indiana)
  • M – Octavius Braun (Oregon State)
  • FO – Kitt Stoddard (California)
  • LSM – Filip Stanisavljev (Virginia Tech)
  • D – Wolfgang Kassa (Arizona State)
  • D – Brendan Ysseldyke (Central Michigan)
  • D – Shota Shiromizu (San Diego State)
  • D – Beau Ulibarri (Utah Valley)
  • G – Sky Thunderchild-Henio (Kansas)
  • G – Vince Primavera (Oklahoma)

Second Team

  • A – Kyler Kreshock (Arizona State)
  • A – Samuel Anastassatos (Nevada)
  • A – Jono Durham (South Carolina)
  • A – Garrett Kuntz (USC)
  • M – Stone Bridges (Auburn)
  • M – Quinn Lowdermilk (Florida State)
  • M – Kyle Youmans (Florida State)
  • M – Addison Pinkney (NC State)
  • FO – Danny Moorhead (Auburn)
  • LSM – Soominh Joo (Arizona)
  • D – Frederick Zering IV (UConn)
  • D – Vince Invergo (Illinois State)
  • D – Seth Cornelius (Oregon State)
  • D – Banks Blackwell (Texas)
  • G – Skylar Whinery (Texas State)
  • G – Will Juhlin (Vanderbilt)

Honorable Mention

  • HM – Luke Liljenstople (Arizona)
  • HM – Brady desGarenees (Cal Poly)
  • HM – Henry Dooley (Colorado State)
  • HM – Jonas Clingerman (Florida State)
  • HM – Gus Cutting (Virginia Tech)
  • HM – Mason Moon (BYU)
  • HM – Deve Hippenstiel (Cal Poly)
  • HM – Coley Blythe (Auburn)
  • HM – Keegan Kalafut (Georgia)
  • HM – Nazareth Rodriguez (Illinois)
  • HM – Jacob Churchbourne (NC State)
  • HM – Jean-Marc Hechinge (Nevada)
  • HM – Chris VanderKlught (Nevada)
  • HM – Jon Ringquest (Ole Miss)
  • HM – Lawrence Tisdale (Purdue)
  • HM – Harri Hetrick (USC)

Did we miss anyone? Send us other notable names and we’ll be sure to keep them in mind for next year!

As always, be sure to follow us on social media. @QuickStickBlog on both Twitter and Instagram.

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