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HROTD: Mike Hanlon, 2023 M, Milton Academy (MA)

Today’s HROTD spotlight is Mike Hanlon, a 2023 midfielder out of Milton Academy (MA). Mike is a true midfielder who makes his presence felt all over the field.

On the offensive end, Hanlon is a strong north-south dodger, with a plethora of moves (including a lethal roll-back) to separate from defenders and an elite burst of speed to get to the rack. Mike is also a sharp shooter from the outside and will make his opposition pay if given time & room. Hanlon consistently makes an impact between the lines, playing tough on-ball defense and with his speed is immediately able to push transition in the clearing game.

Mike plays his club ball for 3D New England and had strong summer and fall showings in 2020. He’ll look to lead Milton Academy in a loaded ISL in 2021.

Contact Information:

  • Mike Hanlon
    • Email: mikemhanlon@icloud.com
    • Phone: 978-810-6065
  • Mark Goodrich – Milton Academy
    • Email: mark_goodrich@milton.edu
  • Peter Sessa – 3D New England
    • Email: psessa@3dlacrosse.com

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