PSA: Stop the “People Dont Talk Enough About (Insert Player Here)…” Talk

I love Lacrosse Twitter. It’s my virtual home away from home, RIP LaxPower. It’s a place where I feel welcome, have been (relatively) well received and made endless amounts of friends. The past 12 months on Lacrosse Twitter have been absolutely bonkers. A COVID-shortened 2020 college lacrosse season has built up immense hype for the 2021 campaign, and the number of folks talking shop about pro lacrosse seems to multiply by the day. However, with more people joining the threads come more takes and opinions, some that simply need to stop. In this case we need to stop talking about players who “don’t get talked enough about.”

You know who you are. There’s numerous accounts who love to regurgitate the same takes/highlights thinking they’re being original and beating one another to the punch by stating X player is overlooked/not talked about enough. Sorry folks, not only are you guys lame, but you’re a far cry from the lacrosse knowledge base you claim to be. We’ve had roughly 2 weeks now where most NCAA DI lacrosse teams have taken the field and each week we’ve now had two takes along these lines where online pundits claim certain players don’t get enough love. Last week it was Georgetown’s Jake Carraway, and this week it was Hofstra’s Ryan Tierney.

If you think you’re an insider by claiming these guys are undervalued, look again. Both Carraway and Tierney have been tearing up college lacrosse since they stepped on their respected campuses. In fact, both players have been gaining national attention since their high school days. Carraway was a key player on the St. Mary’s (Annapolis) team that won the 2015 MIAA A Division on a cinderella run and Tierney lead Massapequa to a NY State title and #4 National Ranking in 2014.

Carraway and Tierney have started every game for their respective teams since they stepped on campus. Both are team captains. Both are college All-Americans. Both will likely graduate as their program’s all-time leading point scorer. Both have been named their conference’s Preseason Player of the Year. Both have over 200 career points. Both are on the Tewaaraton Watch List. Both have so many other accolades it would take too long to list them all. Lastly, both have been and will continue to be amazing lacrosse players.

That’s it. End of my rant. Let’s put the Jake Carraway and Ryan Tierney do not get talked enough about chatter to bed because if you’d been following them (as you should have) for all this time, you’d know how elite they are. We all should be fired up to see what these guys do the rest of the season and into their professional careers.

ps – Jake Carraway used to have some pretty gnarly flow back in 2017 (#31)

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